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About Us

Hexoncorp works as a General Contracting Energy company that offers Energy Services, Bunkering Operations and Crude Oil supplies to our business partners all over the world.

More about Hexoncorp

As a reliable partner, we help to buy and sell crude oil and petroleum products, as well as offers Bunkering Operations to Tankers and clients that have Vessels at sea. It should be worthy of note that Crude Oil Trade and Maritime business is one of the busiest and largest market in the world, so Hexoncorp tries to satisfy the requirements of Buyers and all their clients, using their expertise, maximum capacity and possibility to close a deal between sellers and buyers (i.e. if we are not the Seller). Hexoncorp is not a marketing company, so if you are a company that is collecting analytical information, please don’t waste our time and moreover the time of our partners. We also lease oil & gas machineries such as Derrick, Vessel, Valves etc.


  • Phillipp Lehrer

    Phillipp has been the Chairman of Hexoncorp International since it's incorporation in 1998. He has been engaged in affiliate company mining and mineral interests since the early 1990s. Phillipp has more than 15 years of oil and gas industry experience in the Appalachian Basin with production and natural gas marketing companies. Phillipp holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Birmingham, West Midlands and a Master degree in Business Administration from York University. Phillipp has primary responsibility for managing the operations of Hexoncorp, including drilling operations, land acquisition, production management, risk mitigation, and business development.